Dry Cleaning


Deluxe strives to provide the best end result for your garments. We produce a higher quality clean because we focus on the smallest details.

Accidents happen, sometimes food or oils can spill onto our beloved clothing. You can rely on us to thoroughly inspect each garment for stains. Our specialist’s are highly trained to identify what solvents are best used to treat those pesky stains you thought would never go away.

After the cleaning process we move all garments to the pressing department. Most items that are dry cleaned are steam pressed only (depending on the material). This technique allows fabrics to keep its color for longer and also prevents shrinkage.

Eco-friendly solvents combined with an attention to detail, has been keeping our clients happy since 2007. We are committed in keeping our environment clean. If you would like to join our initiative, ask about our personalized woven garment covers.