Laundered Shirts


The button down shirt has been an essential piece of clothing in peoples’ wardrobes for centuries. Its timeless fashion represents more than just a piece of clothing. It is a hallmark of professional etiquette. It is a statement.

At Deluxe, we protect its heritage by going beyond just a simple wash. The process begins with your particular specifications at drop off. Weather you like your shirts heavy starched or no starch, folded or on a hanger, we take care of every detail from A to Z.

Our specialist’s then review each shirt for any stains that may need attending to. We put the extra work in to remove collar, pocket, and cuff stains. These areas tend to be the most neglected by our competitors.

After the cleaning process, we move your shirts over to our pressing department. With the help of our industrial equipment, every shirt is pressed precisely. The final step is passing inspection. We go down a list of standards that ensure your shirts come out crisp, clean, and ready to wear.